My story

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My story

My journey to personal growth started in my childhood. At the age of five my parents got divorced, I got mercury poisoning, and I was contaminated by tuberculosis and had to go one a one year antibiotics treatment that knocked out my digestive system. For the coming 35 years I had undiagnosed food intolerances. Fighting those challenges on a physical, emotional and mental level formed who I am today. I was continuously bloated so I felt embarrassed by my body as I looked as if I was pregnant. Eating food that I was intolerant to as well as having a new family situation that was often hostile, impacted my brain’s ability to focus in school, as I was feeling anxious and needed to be in constant movement to calm myself down. Due to being very tall for my age and physically strong I felt quite confident and even seemed intimidating to my peers but I often felt less than mentally and that there was something wrong with me. Already in my teens, I began to look for ways to feel my best and became a searcher for personal growth and health. 


I’ve grown a lot through my pain and developed a humbleness for my precious health and life, as well as a great compassion for those confronted with physical and emotional pain, fear and other challenges. 


I come from a family of two highly energetic and spirited parents. Both love spending time in nature and doing sports. My father competed in downhill- and water skiing during my childhood. I early got used being in constant movement, to packing up and meeting new people, as we were constantly traveling to trainings or competitions. This lifestyle defined me as a person. 


My father has always had good healthy routines and is a hero of mine in so many ways. He has a motto: “a day without training is a day without meaning.” 

At 83, he is still very active. He has a very active social life with many friends and often hosts home cooked dinners in addition to being physically very active. He skis both downhill and cross country and does mountaineering and wild bird hunting during the summer and fall. Folk dancing is another passions of his. He took up golf just a few years ago and loves it. My father has been such a source of inspiration to me and he still is.  ​

Growing up I was very close to my mother and I still am to this day. My mother always regarded people equal and without judgment. No matter background or status, she engaged with others with kindness, curiosity and respect. She had the rare natural ability to create a safe space for everyone to be themselves. Due to her influence I also learned to treat people as equals and therefore I also connect very easily. 


When I was fifteen I was choosing my career path and ask for advice. My mother told me that I could become a secretary like her. My strong, almost revolted reaction, totally woke me up. Oh my GOD, how could I ever become a secretary! What I need is to hire a secretary was my first thought. My mother did not see my potential as no one had seen hers. Jante’s Law* was very strongly instilled in her, as it was for many people in Norway and the rest of Scandinavia. It states that you ought not to think that you are someone special. This philosophy of life is the opposite to mine. I revolt to the idea of Jante’s law. I think that we ought to think that we are special -everyone is - and that we are meant to stand out sharing our talents.


I saw both my parents experience a lot of stress as they were not working with something they truly loved. Work took away their energy, yet they became enthusiastic when enjoying their hobbies. My parents’ work experience, as well as my own experience as a management consultant, seeing hundreds stressed out professionals woke me up to ask: do we all have a purpose in life? As I also met with many people who thrived at work, I started to believe we all have a purpose and when we align with it, work becomes energizing.  


My natural search for high energy, health and meaningful living has inspired me to pursue studies within; Holistic Health, Life coaching, effective communication,  leadership training, yoga, meditation and public speaking. I have gained many insights and healthy habits. When I went through the leadership training I learned that my gift lies in sensing people’s potential. I can’t wait to share my experience with you and to support you, on your journey to a more fulfilling life.

Clients' testamonials

"Anine has helped me to find my strengths and see my opportunities. Her open mindedness and enthusiasm has built my positive energy and she has given me tools to stay focused and make the things I wanted to happen. With Anine I have achieved real results and real change."

— Nils


Anine Ekelund

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