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My story

I was born and raised in Norway. During my childhood I was deeply curious about what the world had to offer, which gave me the motivation to save up and travel. By the time I was 19, I left Norway, to study in Hawaii…from there I have kept on moving around the world. 
I now consider myself an International citizen. 

My international and multicultural background has taught me how to embrace change and the importance of reinventing myself wherever I am. I have lived five years or more in all the following places - Honolulu, Stockholm, San Francisco Bay Area, Geneva and Verbier Switzerland - in addition to growing up in Norway where I also moved several times during my childhood,


Expat (expatriate) life has helped me develop a deep appreciation of cultural differences. My mind has become more open as I have established and built new relationships with seemingly very different people and from different cultures. I have come to deeply appreciate people’s uniqueness. Each one of us carries stories that touch and unites us across backgrounds.


Whether you have moved abroad or to a new area, you are changing careers, going through a separation or divorce, or becoming an empty nester; they all require a need for you to reinvent yourselves.  My heart reaches out to all of you who are finding yourself in the ‘no man land’ of having to begin all anew. Allow yourself to make the transition more humane for yourself by getting support. I would love to be there for you as you take your steps into creating new meaning and purpose for yourself.


I speak and support people in English, Swedish and Norwegian (my native language).

The largest life changing move in my life was when I moved to Stockholm to work as management consultant and met my husband there in 1990.


My dear husband has been a real inspiration and a role model to me in many ways. Amongst his strongest qualities - which I believe has led him to become a loving husband and father, fun and supportive friend, strong leader and stimulating colleague - is that he transmits a true positive, kind and generous spirit, in addition to his visionary mind and unstoppable tenacity to work around any obstacle on his path. He is a man that is fully living his potential from how I see it. He is capitalizing on his talents and is living his vision, passions and values. In addition to being an amazing companion to me and loved by his numerous friends and colleagues, he is the best father of our two daughters that I could wish for. 


Being a loving and good mother and wife has grown on me. I did not have a good recipe with me from childhood for how to be the most supportive and loving mother and wife. Family life has been a spiritual journey for me. I have had to learn along the way how to show up in a loving and empowering way to my loved ones. For years I found it challenging to create a happy family life. (It did not make it easier that we were an expat family moving between three countries while our children were young). With time I became more conscious of my behavior and the choices I made - based on insecurities - and the impact I had. I realized how this got in the way of what I dreamed of. I woke up and began the long journey to learn to love and accept myself and to give of myself from an open heart to others.


I am hugely grateful to my dear daughters and husband for their openness and transparency of their feelings and needs. They have been my best teachers. It is very much thanks to them, together with my deep childhood desire to create a happy family and my willingness to continually to develop and grow, that we today experience the loving connection we have as a family and that our grown girls love to spend time together with us parents.

My journey to wellbeing started early in my childhood. At the age of five, I faced numerous challenges: my parents got divorced, I got mercury poisoning, and I contracted tuberculosis. I had to go one year on an antibiotics treatment that knocked out my digestive system.


For the coming 35 years, I struggled with undiagnosed food intolerances. Fighting those challenges on a physical, emotional and mental level forced me to look for tools to overcome them, find balance and thrive. Already in my teens, I became a seeker for personal growth and radiant health.


In my first job, I worked as a management consultant because I was passionate about business development.


However, it felt like my work was not in resonance with who I was because we were focusing too much on improving the profitability of companies without really addressing the wellbeing of people, or capitalising on their unique strength and potential.

When I started practising yoga, I gained a deeper insight into what was important to me. I started to feel in tune with myself and I realized the intricate connection between body, mind, heart and spirit.


From that moment onwards, I decided that I wanted to devote my life to understanding more about this connection and follow the path of my heart. I took a MA in Holistic Health Education and also became a certified Life Coach 20 years ago.


My natural search for health, purpose and meaningful living also inspired me to pursue studies within effective communication, leadership training, meditation and public speaking. 


My purpose is to awaken people to their true selves and unique life purpose to find freedom beyond blocked energies and limited mindsets to live their full potential with health, joy, meaning and well-being.


My gift lies in sensing people’s potential and where their unique strengths and abilities lie. I love to witness my clients develop confidence and courage to live an authentic life walking their own path. 


I see myself as a pathfinder to the golden door of inner peace and freedom of being. The tools and strategies that I have developed to live the life of my dreams, I use as a platform to guide others. 


I can’t wait to support you on your journey to your heart, so also you can live with more purpose, health, happiness, freedom and inner peace. 

Clients testimonials

"Anine has helped me to find my strengths and see my opportunities. Her open mindedness and enthusiasm has built my positive energy and she has given me tools to stay focused and make the things I wanted to happen. With Anine I have achieved real results and real change."

— Nils


Anine Ekelund

Geneva | Lausanne | Verbier | Stockholm | Oslo | Honolulu | San Francisco | London

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