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Private coaching session

Single session


Contact me for ​a single session​ to get clarity on a subject where you feel stuck. Get ignited to embark on a project, an interview or where you need a sounding board that will give you that extra boost to take action.  

Three sessions

Book ​three sessions​ to identify how you immediately can build and boost your energy, joy and wellbeing, by making some adjustments and small changes in your life. This can be related to diet, exercise, motivation, focus, your relationships, your self-confidence etc. 

Five sessions

Book ​five sessions​ to go deep. We identify your current life, what is working and where you are lacking balance, fulfillment and joy. What areas in your life needs added focus and attention? With a holistic perspective you will get a helicopter view of your life; what past experiences are giving you strengths and which are depleting your energy and holding you back?

You will be able to build a new relationship to all your past experiences and discover how you can draw energy and strength from your history. You will get clarity and feel excitement about where you want to go in the future as well as feel motivated taking the necessary steps towards making your vision and goals real.  


Ten sessions

Book ​ten sessions​ to align with your unique essence and life purpose. You will see yourself, accept yourself and even fall in love with yourself.  Your will feel empowered to be your authentic self; speaking your truth, living your truth and connecting with your creative being.


I’ll be introducing various exercises and models to help you go deeper within yourself. We will identify your values and how you can live and communicate according to that which has heart and meaning for you. You will see how compromising and giving deflates you, how standing tall and strong in what you believe in brings you strength and power and draws the right people to you.


You will be seeing which way you can begin making an impactful difference with your life. We will in addition identify what is important for you to feel loved. We will also look at how you can develop your ability to love deeper.  

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