How I work

Why work with me?

I’m wired to inspire and energize. I am an expert at seeing where you are strong and where you are holding back your energy. I would love to support you in taking courageous steps towards your goals and dreams  outside of your comfort zone. If you would like to start your journey now, contact me 

What you can expect of our work together

The methods I use comes from my studies of Holistic Health* and Communicology*, yoga, meditation as well as my own long life experiences. My holistic approach of body and mind is founded on education from the world’s leading coaching and educational  institutes. I believe that the best teachers are the ones who themselves have had to learn and go through fire. I have taken many leaps physically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally that I will share with you. I will listen to your stories and help you identify which areas of your life you want to focus your energy and attention.

How I work

I support people locally and around the world either via face-to-face meetings, Facetime, Whatsapp, Skype or Zoom. So wherever you are, I can help. It is also possible to meet with me one-to-one over two full days. I facilitate group workshops a few times per year and offer speaking engagements.


When YOU and I are to work together, we define effective strategies that will enable you  to live with more fulfillment and meaning achieving your vision and goals. The power of my ongoing support lies in my enthusiasm for you as a person, the tight follow up and constructive feedback I’ll give you and my holistic perspective.


Allow me to be your catalyst for change. Take the first step and get in touch! 

My qualifications

Certified Business & Life coach with CTI 


Master of Holistic Health Education 


BS in Business Entrepreneurship and management


Intermediate studies in Communicology 


Leadership Graduate with CTI


Certified Speaking Circle facilitator






Life Learner