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How I work

How I work

I support people locally and around the world in English, Norwegian and Swedish, via Zoom or face-to-face meetings. So wherever you are living in the world, I can help you. 


When YOU and I work together, we begin by identifying where you are currently in your life, for example, where you are feeling stuck, frustrated, sad, powerless, inferior, remorseful, hurt or victimized, etc. We then identify what it is that you really would love to achieve in a perfect world. We define effective strategies, or a roadmap, which consider the steps you want and need to take to reach your desired vision, dreams, and goals.  


The power of my ongoing support lies in my enthusiasm for you as a person. I will provide an environment for you where you feel loved, accepted, and appreciated. A safe space in which  you can show up as  your honest and real Self. I am talented at seeing your uniqueness: where you shine and where your gifts lie.


You can expect me to help you connect with the greatest vision and version you have of yourself. I will also support you in connecting with the magnificent being you are, perhaps beyond what you may be aware of yourself.

Why work with me?

I will celebrate and encourage your authenticity, and encourage you to bring all of yourself to our meetings, even the things you might sometimes be embarrassed or shy about or feel are quirky. When you dare to share your vulnerabilities as well as your strengths, you will experience a transformation: you will start to grow into your very best Self. From this place of love and acceptance, you will develop your self-esteem, confidence, and courage, all necessary factors that will lead you to go after your desires, wishes, and dreams. 


You can expect that I will be there alongside you, to celebrate, champion, and challenge you to live your purpose and potential.   

Allow me to be your catalyst for personal growth and transformation, and support you in becoming your best Self.


Take the first step and get in touch. I can’t wait to meet you!

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