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Discover My Path to Empowerment and Wellbeing

I am on a mission to awaken and empower women to their fullest potential, inspired by my own journey of overcoming personal and familial struggles. Having transformed my early insecurities & health challenges into a life of fulfilment, I am passionately committed to guiding heart-centered women to connect with their authentic selves.

My goal is to help them develop self-esteem and confidence, enabling them to shine their unique light, live their true purpose, and together contribute to a more loving, healthy, and harmonious world. My path has taught me the power of becoming our best selves, and I am dedicated to igniting this realization in others.

My Wakeup Calls...

I have had some significant moments in my life that led me to a complete change in my lifestyle. I call them my wakeup calls.


At 15, I faced a pivotal moment. Seeking guidance about my future, I turned to my mother, a smart and capable woman who had set aside her own dreams. Her advice led me to the realisation that i had to carve my own future as her guidance was limited to her lack of ambition in life. Growing up amidst the turbulence of a dysfunctional family, I grappled with a sense of disconnection. I witnessed my mother’s struggles with work she didn’t love and a stressful relationship, which deeply affected me. Her challenges, alongside my own – from undiagnosed food intolerances impacting my mental focus to battling low self-esteem – shaped my early years.


This sparked a realization, I had to carve my own path.


The second wake-up call came at 30. While giving birth to my second daughter, a life-threatening complication jolted me into acknowledging the preciousness of life. This spurred my journey towards holistic health and personal empowerment.

I dove into learning, growing, and discovering my passion.

My path led me to a Master’s in Holistic Health Education and becoming a certified life coach. I transformed my struggles into strength, finding fulfilment in empowering women to realize their potential.


Today, I stand firm in my mission: to awaken women to the possibilities within, guiding them to live authentically, with confidence and purpose. My past is not just a story of overcoming but a testament to the power of transformation – a journey I now share to inspire and empower others.

My Philosophy 

What is the Meaning of Life?
To Find Our Life Purpose and Share It!


We all deep down want to be real, to grow and develop into becoming the healthiest and best version of ourselves and to make a difference with our lives.


We all have an inner drive, to feel fulfilled and alive and not merely live to survive during our lifetime. When we connect with and share the essence of who we are, we feel happy.


In this modern world of challenges and high demands however it is easy to sometimes feel lost and lonely. Too many of us feel overwhelmed with inner stress and have lost touch with who we are, or perhaps have never known who we are at depth - if we lacked good role models and support during our upbringing.


Instead of loving ourselves and our lives, we find ourselves entangled in difficult relationships, have health problems, and we are not working with something meaningful where we use our talents.


When too much stress and worry is present in our lives, when we don’t feel good enough or we are exhausted striving for perfection - living a purposeful life seems perhaps unimaginable.


"Don’t accept the status quo and settle for less than your heart’s desire! Because, YOU CAN unleash your true best self, if you receive the right support. I have done that. So can you!"

My Story 

Born in the picturesque landscapes of Norway, my childhood was kindled by a deep curiosity about the world's rich diversity. This innate inquisitiveness inspired me to save and embark on a journey that began at the age of 19, leading me from the serene fjords of Norway to the vibrant shores of Hawaii for my studies. This initial leap marked the start of a lifelong global adventure.

Today, I embrace my identity as an international citizen. My travels and residences have spanned from the lively streets of Honolulu to the historic charm of Stockholm, from the innovative spirit of the San Francisco Bay Area to the bustling energy of London, and the serene beauty of Geneva and Verbier in Switzerland. Each of these places, with their unique cultures and experiences, has been a chapter in my life, enriching my understanding of the world.

Living in such diverse locations has given me a profound appreciation for various cultures and perspectives. My life's journey, encompassing a multitude of international friends and experiences, has been integral to my approach as a life coach. It enables me to connect deeply with clients from all backgrounds, appreciating their individual challenges and dreams.

Being fluent in English, Swedish, and Norwegian goes beyond linguistic skills for me. It's a bridge to understanding and empathizing with people from various cultures, breaking down barriers and fostering genuine connections. Whether you seek personal growth, are navigating life's transitions, or chasing your dreams, my multicultural experiences and international understanding position me to be a compassionate and insightful coach.

Regardless of your cultural background or where your journey has led you, I am here to connect, understand, and guide you. Together, we can celebrate the beauty of diversity and harness the power of personal transformation. Let's embark on this journey, drawing from a wellspring of global experiences and mutual understanding.

Finding My True Path

My journey to wellbeing started early in my childhood. At the age of five, I faced numerous challenges: my parents got divorced, I got mercury poisoning, and I contracted tuberculosis. I had to go one year on an antibiotics treatment that knocked out my digestive system.


Education and Life Coaching

From that moment onwards, I decided that I wanted to devote my life to understanding more about this connection and follow the path of my heart. I took a MA in Holistic Health Education and also became a certified Life Coach 20 years ago.

Yoga and Inner Alignment

When I started practising yoga, I gained a deeper insight into what was important to me. I started to feel in tune with myself and I realized the intricate connection between body, mind, heart, and spirit.

I would love to support you and help you connect with your true unique Self.


Working with me will elevate your spirit and transform your life in ways you can’t imagine.


Receiving my loving support will lead you to develop high self-esteem and inner peace from where you will begin living your dreams and loving your life.


What My Clients Say About Me...

Severine, 42 years old

Belge, Social Entrepreneur &
Founder of AMA the giraffe (

“My greatest take-home value after taking the course Dare to Be Real Identify Your Life Purpose, is to trust myself more, to be more grateful, and the importance of increasing my awareness in my daily life.
I am more aware of small but intense daily moments and am more grateful for the luck I have had in my life. I am also more aware on the first impression I give to people I meet, which has not always been positive in the past."


Laure, 44 years old

Marketing director
I feel more connected with myself

“Taking your course have helped me to begin to reflect more on myself and of the importance of self-care. It has made me realize that I need to identify what makes me happy and what makes me shine in order to prioritize it in my life. I love adventure and of doing a lot, and I used to live my life 150%, doing as much as I could fit in one day, making sleep the least priority. Due to helping other people and because I am driven and have great capacity to get things done and can handle many things at once, I have struggled setting off time for myself"


Anne Christine Solheim, 54 years old

“Have customers review you and share what they had to say. Click to edit and add their testimonial.”

Personal Trainer
Ski & Windsurfing

“The course DARE TO BE REAL with Anine has been an exciting start of my journey to find my inner compass, a happier life, get more energy and feel better. Anine gave me the possibility to challenge myself in a safe, encouraging and lovable atmosphere and she inspired me to practice and make small steps in my goal to Dear to be Real. I have truly experienced the difference it has made for my long term goal to reach my next level professionally and in my relationships."

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