Laure 44 years old,

  Marketing director

First of all, I thank Anine very much for opening your heart to us. Her generous heart and soul accompany people as they surround you. She has such a strong leadership and a lot of charisma. It is easy for Anine to federate and have people follow her. She is a visionary. What a strong asset! She gave us a lot of warmth and love. 

I also feel that she has a way to read people and to re-formulate and make synthesis or analysis of their words, which Is a real gift.

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Anna, 56 years old, Sweden,

Health & nutrition coach

At a retreat with Anine you develop yourself immensely with new tools and with insights that you didn't know you could get. It is a journey inside yourself that reveals a new you. The way Anine guides and shows all new tools are to me very exciting. Then as a mind stabilizer there is a lot of beautiful hiking and good healthy food. The support from the group is also very important and it grows as the days go.

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Maria, 57 years old, Sweden

Anine is an inspiration to human beings. With energy, love, compassion and a skillful leadership she guides each one of us to deeper insights and connections. She uses her creativity to explore and open our inner self to find words to define our life purpose. I am sooooo impressed by her commitment and dedication to the group and each of us individually. THANK YOU!

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Anne Christine 53 years old,
Norway, Fitness expert and
Personal Trainer

I will from the bottom of my heart encourage and recommend other tribe members to gather to a workshop/retreat in real life with Anine. It was much better than I had imagined. To meet in “real “life the persons I only had met at zoom, in a loving atmosphere with Anine coaching us, truly connected us and did something amazing with me. Anine gave me the possibility to challenge myself in a safe, encouraging and lovable atmosphere and she inspired me to practice and make small steps in my goal to Dear to be Real. I have truly experienced the difference it has made for my long term goal to reach my next level professionally and in my relationships. 

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Olivia, 26 years old,

Marketing Coordinator

Anine is an amazing woman and coach to have in your life. Not only does her presence bring instant joy and positive energy that gives you the motivation to want to live your best life, she also has carefully composed and researched methods that lead to long term peace and happiness!

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Severine 42 years old,
Social Entrepreneur & 
Founder of AMA the giraffe (amagirafe.org) 

My greatest take-home value after a five weeks workshop series, Identify Your Life Purpose, is to trust myself more, to be more grateful, and the importance of increasing my awareness in my daily life. After this experience, I feel inspired to position myself more confidently as someone who has great self-worth. I would also like to work on connecting more deeply with the people I cherish, such as my family and close friends. 


After this course with you Anine, my happiness level has increased, and I am more able to see the positive sides of even difficult situations. I am better at stepping back and enjoying the simplicity of things, for example, of time spent together with my children. I can now allow myself not to be too ‘perfect’, but rather to be me. This experience has helped me to see that I have something valuable to bring to others and to the world.

My “AMA the giraffe” project grew out of the retreat with you Anine, which is now being launched world wide to bring love and connection to children world wide.

Malin, 26 years old, Norway, Marketing Coordinator


Our one to one coaching has been vital for my journey and development. The grounding I’ve felt after our meditations has been truly appreciated. Being able to receive advice from someone who truly understands me has also been something I’ve cherished. Now, I continuously work with not feeling sorry for being me. It has given me such a confidence in meeting Anine, who has truly seen me for who I really am.  

Not only have I noticed change in being more myself, but also those close around me has seen a huge change. My mom said I now remind her of myself when I was just a little girl, with such a great confidence and stronger love for life. 

The tools Anine have shown me has truly helped me to battle my eating disorder. I now tend to meditate more and I’m managing to avoid bad situations better. Being more grateful and present in the world has shifted my opinion about what’s important and what’s irrelevant. 

Over the past years I’ve not had a clear purpose or goal of how and with whom I want to live my life. I’ve not even been aware of the difference it can mean by knowing this. Now, after finishing the six weeks course with Anine, I’m much more aware and present in my own life and I’ve received the guidance needed for me to take those steps in the right direction.

Jessica 30 years old,
Sweden, PhD student

Yesterday I read this quotation from a poem by Thomas Merton: 

“The true inner self must be drawn up like a jewel from the bottom of the sea, rescued from confusion, from indistinction, from immersion in the common, the nondescript, the trivial, the sordid, the evanescent.”

After attending Anine’s course, I feel for the first time that I understand HOW I can live like this. How I can be my true self, and reach the serenity I so deeply need. 

In addition to understanding what my passions, strengths, and values are (big insights in themselves), with Anine I have learned the importance of creating spaces for myself in which I can find my true glow and nurture my energy.

I’m much calmer, more grounded, and I now gain energy from just sitting and watching the mountain tops or gazing out at the horizon over the ocean. That’s where I feel connected, and that for me reveals that, through my work with Anine, I have become connected with myself.

I am very impressed by how Anine managed to disentangle and clarify things that were a big mess in my head and heart. It was wonderful to talk with someone who so elegantly reads between the lines. Anine had the sensitivity to pick up on and help me see when I was too much in my own thoughts. Anine, thank you for that!

Charlotte 21 years old,

Anine has created this multi-step model used to grasp one's full potential in life. Having completed this 5-step model in the span of 5 weeks, I can officially say that I now actively understand myself and how to make the most out of me. Not only do I feel more spirited and lively, but my surroundings have also told me that I'm communicating radiant energy and look "glowing"! I profoundly recommend Anine for anybody seeking to realign themselves with their authentic self or requires a personal coach for guiding you in the right direction during turbulent times and needs a healthy boost!

Ingrid, 21 years old, Norway, Student


What I bring with me from the course is a more positive attitude, gratitude and that I am good enough as I am. And that I have a wonderful personality. Also the fact that one should not live in the past or the future. I have more hope, and  I understand the importance of forgiveness and honesty.


After this course, I realize the power of appreciating ALL the good things I have in life, which is a lot and of writing things down that I am grateful for. By writing these lists, I have become more positive, and I have gained a more open mindset. I get more energy from it, I feel good and I am more positive and generally happier.


I have also learned to deal with my emotions better. After the course, I feel calm and controlled. I have learned to write down emotions and use the emotion wheel. I accept the feelings and feel them, talk about them and try to understand them. Which makes me more aware of what makes me feel good, bad, etc.


I have learned about my strengths and how I can use them more. Before the course I did not even know about these, or, I probably knew about them, but I was not as aware precisely of THAT these were my strengths. I now always have them in mind, think about them a lot and use them more.


I've learned that I can not live in the past or the future. Until now, I have lived with anxiety and worry about what might happen in the future, and it has made me anxious and scared. I have developed  a completely different mindset after the course, that I must be grateful for what I have and not think about the worst possible outcome in all situations - all the time. I have become much more positive and open to things.


I have also learned to prioritize myself more. I have always before the course tried to please everyone else, and not think about what is best for myself and what makes me feel good. I have also learned to listen to my body, what is best for it and me in different situations.


The course also taught me meditation, at a basic level. I have been doing it ever since we started the course,  and I would probably never have started with it if it were not for this course, so I'm happy about that.