Inspirational talks

Hire me as an Inspirational speaker for your event.

My topics


Holistic health

Boost the love spark in your relationship

Personal Energy Management


Ideal Life Style for Your Body Type


Identify Your Life Purpose 


Life/Work Balance


Unleash Your Creativity


Online: From Dreaming to Doing


Leadership Group Kick-off 


Team Building Energy


Self Image and Body Care


Life Vision on High Altitude


Redefine Your Life Story 


Inspirational events

I can help you to:


Organize your ideal motivational event


Find and book a speaker

Find and book a venue

Invite your best audience 

Promote the event

Coaching session

Private session

Contact me for ​a single session​ to get clarity on a subject where you feel stuck. Get ignited to embark on a project,  prepare for an interview, or if you need a sounding board that will give you that extra boost to take action.




Couple session

We will explore ways you can re-connect with your partner by identifying what each one of you need to feel loved.  Same price as for individual coaching sessions.