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Past work

Wired to Energize

Speaking engagements

I have extensive experience from speaking engagements that typically range from 30 minutes to 2 hours.


I have given keynote speeches to up to 800 people but also as few as 30 people. I always combine powerful energizing lectures with interactive exercises and creative journeys for the audience. People leave energized, inspired and very enthusiastic.


Some of the topics that I have been speaking about are:

- Identifying and aligning with your life purpose.

- From Dreaming to Doing

- Being Real

- Personal energy management

- The power of conscious relationships

- Living outside our comfort zone is essential to thrive.

- Courageously living our dreams

- Eating right for your type

- Loving to live in your body

- How to move beyond power struggles in your relationships and experience real love


Group and teamwork

Some of the most important jobs we need to accomplish are in teams.

I have deep experience of working with management teams, project teams, forums and other groups. During half day to full day workshops I guide the team to build trust, open communication, and effective roles, set clear goals, solve problems and take their performance to the next level.

Body care

- Taught women with a painful relationship to their body how to take care of and begin to love living in their bodies.


- Identified my clients unique body type. Introduce the food that nurtures and energizes and helped them eliminate food which they didn’t digest well.

-Introduced exercises and postural alignment advice to release body aches and pain.

Inner peace

- Inspired clients to find nurturing supportive routines and exercises to feel more grounded. New habits have aided their sense of inner peace and energy.

- Taught breathing and meditation techniques.  

- Introduced yoga as a spiritual, strengthening and calming exercise practice.  

Connection to nature

By organizing one-to-one outings and workshops with small groups in nature, I have helped clients renew their energy. By moving attention from their busy minds to their bodies and the beauty surrounding them, they have had the opportunity to gain the wonderful sensation of feeling alive yet more grounded and present.

Handling stress

- Taught professionals feeling overwhelmed and out of balance various relaxation techniques to calm their body and mind to gain a sense of inner peace, which also improved focus and efficiency.


Helped single people to attract & find love by working on their mindset and by building their confidence and energy.

- Supported newlyweds and young families to build happy functioning families by introducing effective honest communication and ways to manage their life puzzle.

- Taught couples how to speak and share their feelings with one another, in ways that their partner would listen better.

-Helped couples identify the real issue behind their disconnection and discover ways to feel new energy, joy and love in their relationships.

-Taught couples effective communication strategies when handling conflicts in order to stop patterns of destructive arguments.


Leadership support

- Identified with CEO’s and managers how to capitalize on their team’s talents, delegate better as well as introducing ways for them to achieve more life-balance.

- Been a sounding board for CEO´s as they were navigating their team to work towards implementing the company vision and strategy.

In transition

- Supported people in transition who have been overwhelmed and stressed to get clarity on which new path to take.

Career change

- Assisted bankers to concretize and act on their business ideas to build their own practice, gaining both freedom and independence as well as making more money.

- A female client went from running a family business to follow her childhood dream of becoming an actress. She is today a sought after actress in both plays and movies.


- One 39 year old woman and mother of 4 children went from being a stay at home mom to becoming the Nr 1 real-estate agent.

- Encouraged an overwhelmed nurse to take time off to recharge and then embark on building her own health practice.

- Encouraged trailing expats (those following their spouse due to his or her work opportunity abroad) to find meaning and fulfillment by re-inventing themselves in their new environment.

20 something

- Boosted young adults self-esteem and self-confidence by identifying what is special and unique about them.

- Encouraged young adults to believe in and work towards claiming their dreams.

- Prepared young adults mindset before for work interviews.

- Connected young adults with their values and to understand their history and life challenges. Their new insights have helped many find an inner drive.

Overcome creative blockages

- Supported artists and writers to overcome creative blockages by introducing a holistic perspective.

- Creating an awareness of the link between creative blockages and unresolved conflicts.

Empty nesters

- Explored with empty nesters ways to find new meaning and fulfillment in their lives.

Group facilitation

I have facilitated numerous group sharing and discussions. Groups have the potential to be transformational especially when they meet on a regular basis.

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